The Moto Report app is available for the iPhone and iPad

About Moto Report

Easily keep track of servicing for multiple motorcycles at a time

Moto Report is an iOS application for the iPhone and iPad that makes it easy for you keep up with your motorcycle’s maintenance: periodical services, mods, fuel consumption, repairs made and more. You can easily manage multiple motorcycles and everything about them with this one app. Each motorcycle can have its own custom avatar picture, which persists throughout that bike’s entire dedicated section in the app.

Moto Report uses Google Drive to back up your bikes and all their information, so that you can load your latest details on a different iOS device, or if you have removed the app.

Manage global app settings via a central area in the app where you can set up your units, fuel economy type, costs currency and more.

The simple, clean and user friendly interface makes it a breeze to navigate and update your bikes’ information.

If you happen upon a bug, want to send feedback or just a simple comment, please use the Feedback section.

The app is mainly geared towards motorcycles, but there is no reason why you would not be able to use it to manage your automobile, regardless of the number of wheels touching the ground.

Aside from being the interface designer, I am a also motorcycle rider and together with the developer, we are keen on continually improving Moto Report, so that it becomes an essential tool in helping other riders manage everything about their motorcycle and thus help them save time and money.

App features:

NEW: Export to PDF functionality, allowing you to generate reports for all your motorcycles and send them via e-mail

Clean, beautiful interface, without any unnecessary clutter

Google Drive manual back up and import of all your motorcycles' information

Manage multiple motorcycles, easily telling them apart with the help of custom avatars

Manage multiple services on each of your motorcycles

Set up service intervals for each of your motorcycles and get notified via push notifications when the service is coming up, both by mileage and time

Customize the upcoming service interval notification thresholds

Keep track of services performed in the past via the Service History section, available for each and every individual service

Manage motorcycle mods (farkles), at what point in time you’ve added them and how much they cost

Manage repairs done on your motorcycles, when they were performed and their cost

Keep track of fuel economy via the Fuel Log section, available for each individual motorcycle

Switch between multiple fuel economy formulas: liters/100km, liter/km, km/liter, MPG (US and UK miles)

Switch to your country’s currency and have all the costs across the app be reflected in that currency

Manage to do items via the to do list, each item having 3 priority levels

Manage notes on each and every service, service performed, motorcycle mod, fill-up, repair or to do item

View stats on each motorcycle telling you how much you’ve spent so far on services, mods, repairs or fuel